Who We Are

Welcome to margeaux & co., 

margeaux {margo} : French origin meaning "pearl"

We are a small team of passionate creatives, who work together to deliver the goods. We like to think of ourselves as purveyors of beauty. margeauxandcompany offers mid to high-end everyday luxury jewelry, as well as some stunning statement pieces. We love being playful with our choices, as each piece can evoke a certain mood, feeling, statement... or understatement! Our motto is really that diamonds can be for every day.

Together our small team of gemologists, designers, and creators strive to help women feel beautiful and more confident inside and out. We understand how jewelry can bring about a mood, experience, and feeling...  Creating a story through unique and personal pieces is what drives our passion for the art of jewelry making. So we hope you allow us to be a part of your story.

Delivering high quality pieces, using the best materials and stones, without the insane markups, is what we do best. We know firsthand how confusing pricing can get when shopping online, so we strive to give our clients as much information as possible before they make their purchase.  While our jewelry would probably be best described as somewhat sleek and sophisticated, it’s also downright cool enough to wear every day.  We carry everything from jaw-dropping “where did you get that” conversation starter pieces, to more simple and minimalist designs.    

Each member of our team brings something special to our team, fuelled by their own personal passion for what they do. 

  • Our Gemologist has been creating custom pieces for over 35 years, and he is our primary source of knowledge for gemstones!  He can help you pick that oh so perfect diamond for an engagement piece, or answer any of your questions about our stones. 
  • Our Creative Directors and Designers love to continually seek out new styles, as well as introduce new trends. Tying it all together and delivering it to you is their key area of expertise. Have something you love, but we are missing? We'd love to hear from you.  

Q & A 

What are some of your current favorite things? 

Our favorite things are always changing, but right now we are really into the zodiac, opals, and moonstones, and we also always love rubies!   

We also definitely love unique diamond cuts and colours, raw diamonds, and anything rare. 

What or who inspires you? 

If it wasn’t already obvious, we are of course inspired by beautiful things. While Rubies are traditionally always red, each stone always includes a variation in color, and as the saying goes; beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you look around you, it’s easy to find beauty in anything, even in the unexpected. 

What makes something beautiful is always open to interpretation, and that’s part of the beauty in defining what makes something beautiful

A rough-cut diamond may not be everyone’s first choice, but it might be the epitome of beauty for others.  Jewelry lets us express ourselves, and our personalities shine through. The color, lack of color, texture, cut, placement, size – all of these things can all make a piece look so unique.

Pair that uniqueness with how each individual wears their piece, and the possibilities are endless.   

What do you value most? 

Authenticity in who we are. 

What do you believe in? 

We are sticklers for staying true to ourselves, but also listening to the needs and desires of our clients. We also believe in selling high quality goods, at fair prices. 

Why was margeaux & co. created?

After years of dedication to the jewellery industry, we have been part of brick-and-morter independently owned jewellery stores that allowed our creativity to be endless, as well as been partners in large well-know worldwide jewellery businesses. Each very different, with its own benefits and cons. We wanted to branch out and do something different than the brick-and-morter stores, something completely e-commerce.

We’re so happy you stopped by to visit our website, and we would love to stay in touch and get to know you better!  Here are some handy tips for staying connected and learning more about what we offer here margeauxandcompany: 

  • Check out our FAQs for more information about our products and services. 
  • Feel free to send us an email with any questions you may have. 
  • Follow us on Instagram to see what’s in store, and to see what new products and promotions are coming soon 


Contacts Us:

margeaux & co.

Address: 705-10011 116 st Edmonton
Alberta t5k 1v4

Call: +1 (883) 457-2646
Email: support@margeauxandcompany.com